Our Story

Our Journey Begins at Awraaf
Awraaf's story began with an inspiring journey to Morocco, where the allure of superior fabrics and rich cultural heritage captivated our founder's imagination. This experience, especially in the city of Fez, known for its exquisite textile craftsmanship, sparked the inception of Awraaf in 2022. Our goal: to introduce these unparalleled Moroccan fabrics to our hometown, filling a void in the market with authenticity and quality, especially through our flagship product, the djellaba.

Tradition Meets Craftsmanship at Awraaf
Central to Awraaf's ethos is a profound reverence for traditional values, drawing inspiration from the teachings of the prophet Muhammad. Our apparel, particularly our djellabas, embodies this deep-rooted respect for cultural heritage. Distinguishing Awraaf in the fashion landscape is our unwavering dedication to 100% handmade craftsmanship. While many brands claim handcrafted products, they often rely on a mix of machine and hand labor. At Awraaf, every piece, especially our djellabas, is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring authenticity and unmatched quality in every stitch.

Awraaf: Dressing Our Community with Pride
Awraaf is more than just a brand; it's a celebration of Islamic tradition and a commitment to serving our Muslim brothers and sisters. We proudly source our materials from Fez, ensuring each djellaba we produce is not only a fashion statement but a representation of ethical production and cultural integrity. For our community, Awraaf offers a way to honor Islamic traditions with the elegance and comfort of premium fabrics. Our djellabas, in particular, are designed to be a symbol of this heritage, blending traditional style with the luxury of the finest Moroccan craftsmanship.